Think you’re having a mid life crisis?

In your 50s and worried about your age?

Feeling stuck with choices you made before you really knew who you were or what you wanted?

Eager to start over in your career or personal life, but wonder if it’s just too late?

If so, I might be the “just in time” coach for you.

If you’re 50 (or close to it) you do need to accept the reality that the first half of adult life is over. This can be a wake up call or a rude awakening, but one thing’s for sure. You need to take a good hard look at what is working and what just isn’t any more and make some choices for the future. If you are suddenly questioning everything from your career to your marriage to your lifestyle, it can be exciting and scary, especially if you’re trying to sort it all out on your own.

So what if you have a lot of tread on your tires, when you still have a long road ahead of you? Your entire second adulthood is literally waiting to be created, but you really need a plan to make the most of it. At this age and stage, you can either accept the challenge and make over your life or just let the opportunity pass you by. I highly recommend the former, and I would love to help you get there.

Both my group and private coaching programs are designed for grown ups who want to have a second start, and don’t want to take the next ten years to figure things out. I will walk you through the system I created based on my own experiences since turning 50, the one that took me years to figure out on my own because this program just didn’t exist.

I have discovered that this can be the most productive, rewarding and fun season of life, but only if you have the right mindset and take the right actions. I’d love to show you how. Click here to schedule your free consultation to see if my coaching style is right for you and to learn more about my group and private programs.

There really is no better time than right now, so what are you waiting for ?

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